How to start mobile recharge business in Bangladesh

The mobile recharge business in Bangladesh has become very popular. It can be started very easily and quickly with very little money to earn a good income.

Today I will give you some great business ideas. Through which business can be started easily in a very short time.

How to start a mobile recharge business?

To start a mobile recharge business, first of all, you need to purchase a rechargeable SIM.

Different telecommunication companies have different types of SIM. Usually, the price can be a little less than 300 taka depending on the company. Let’s learn more about the mobile recharge business.

What is mobile recharge?

Before starting the mobile recharge business in Bangladesh, we should know what is mobile recharge?

Everybody in Bangladesh more or less talk on mobile. We use the different network services provided to talk by the SIM company.

If there is no balance in our mobile then the SIM company will not allow them to use their network. Then we need to recharge money on mobile.

Mobile recharge is the process by which money is refilled to keep the communication system active. We have to go to different stores for mobile recharge or refill.

Mobile recharge business facility

  • Whenever you recharge 1000 taka on someone’s number, you will get 30 taka commissions from in every 1000 taka recharge.
  • Banglalink, Grameenphone, Airtel, Robi, Telitalk can be loaded in a total of 5 SIMs. Also skitto can be recharged.
  • In Minutes, all packs including MB can be recharged. You will get a commission if you recharge the various packs given to you.
  • Opportunity to view recharge history. With Transaction ID.
  • 12 hours customer care facility (9:00 AM – 9:00 PM) recharge service is on 24 hours etc.
  • If you can take five thousand rupees flexiload every day, then you can earn about one hundred and fifty taka.

How much money need to invest?

To start mobile recharge business in Bangladesh specially for Grameenphone you need to invest Tk 10,000 at the Upazila level.  you need to invest Tk 20,000 in the divisional cities. The company will provide the SIM.

The business of mobile bill pre-paid recharge can be started by investing Tk 10,000, Banglalink Tk 5,000, Robi Tk 3,000 and Teletalk Tk 2,000 respectively.

It is seen that a young unemployed person with little capital can start this business by investing 30-50 thousand taka.

Flexiload business in Bangladesh

A small investor can earn 8-10 thousand taka per month by investing 30-50 thousand taka.

Among the mobile companies in the country, Grameenphone pays a commission of Tk 28 50 taka for loading one thousand taka. This is also known as the flexiload business in Bangladesh. 

Similarly, Banglalink pays 26 taka 50 paisa, Teletalk 30 taka, robi 26 taka Robi 26 taka 50 paisa commission.

On the other hand, gas bills can be paid through Grameenphone to solve the suffering of the common people of the country.

In that case, a mobile pre-paid recharge trader gets a commission of Tk 10 for gas bill submission from Tk 450 to Tk 1499.

From 1499 to five thousand rupees for a bill of 15 taka and a bill above five thousand taka, you get a commission of 25 taka.

It shows that if a small trader can load 10-12 thousand taka per day, he can earn 400-500 taka.

In this regard, Ratan Mia of Nur Telecom of Kamrangirchar said, he loads 12-15 thousand taka every day and earns 500-600 taka in every day. He urges small investors to become financially self-sufficient by engaging in mobile bill pre-paid recharge business.

It is often seen that the pre-paid merchant has to bear the loss that occurs when a customer forgets to load 100 taka on his mobile and the money goes to another mobile.

He demands that if the mobile companies are given a commission of 50-60 taka, this business will create opportunities for self-employment of much lower-middle-class unemployed youth of the country.

Above All,

The mobile recharge business is profitable and can be done with little capital. It is possible to set up one’s own business in a short time in a small market in a rural area.

Moreover, the mobile recharge business is a business that can be run with other businesses. Mobile banking business and mobile recharge can be done simultaneously. Anyone can start mobile recharge business in Bangladesh without any risk and with low investment.

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