problems and prospects of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

women as entrepreneurs enjoy both advantages and disadvantages as well. we are now discussing the problems and prospects of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.

prospects of being an entrepreneur:

  • The flexibility of working hours
  • Boundless financial opportunities
  • Independence in financial decision making
  • Flexibility to manage family responsibility
  • Receiving respects in family and society and Decline in family disputes
  • Possibility to show creativity
  • Higher-income and higher purchasing power. When women have income from their business, they spend it not only on their personal expenses, rather a large proportion is spent on the education and health expenses of children.
  • The satisfaction of generating employment for others

problems of being an entrepreneur:

  • Feeling the pressure of risk of business
  • Suffering from uncertain future steaming out of price volatility of raw materials and final products.
  • Social and familial obstacles
  • Fluctuation in income, creating uncertainty
  • Unfair treatment from people in business connections
  • Dual responsibility of work and family

Short-run initiatives we can take to solve the problem:

  • To increase women’s participation in the labor force as entrepreneurs and make it sustainable, the government needs to invest in child care facilities or encourage the private sector to do so.
  • Both the government and the private sectors can take action to ensure women-friendly working environments.
  • needs to extend the system of proper monitoring of the implementation of labor laws.
  • Better facilities for on the job training can create win-win situations both for employers and employees.
  • The government should invest more in improving the transportation system so that commutes from home to work is affordable, easily accessible, reliable, and secured.

An initiative can be taken for skill development:

  • Organizing vocational training
  • Providing information on SME loans of the Bangladesh Bank
  • Providing a business platform for women
  • Assisting the development of business leadership among women
  • Uplifting courage of the women through different training and seminars
  • Helping women entrepreneurs to manage loans
  • Providing a business platform for women
  • Provided training to become self-dependent & self-confident
  • Helping women to promote business through SME fairs
Long term initiative:
  • The human capital endowment is important to get access to the job market.
  • To provide quality training, the government has to increase the training facilities through government national training institutes.
  • We need to develop training modules according to the market demands and should focus on increasing the quantities of such training.
  • The women-friendly market places need to be developed, where women entrepreneurs will be able to sell their products in a congenial environment.
  • Capacity-building or training programs should be arranged widely as community-based programs,
  • The central bank and relevant agencies of the government should develop proper profitable investment mechanisms for remittance earners so that they can invest it.

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