What is e tin certificate?

 e TIN certificate means an electronic tax identification number. In Bangladesh, you have to pay text on the basis of your yearly income. Every year the government selects a range of income and if anyone except on that specific income amount then he or she has to pay income tax.

As part of the plan to digitize everything, the old Tin Certificate has been updated to the E-Tin Certificate. All must take the mandatory e-tin certificate. So why late? Find out how to get this certificate at your own convenience. Get an online e tin certificate without having any suffering.

 Now it is very easy to pay your income tax online. For that, you should have to register online. 

Why you need e tin  certificate: 

  • Business
  • Bank account
  • Saving paper 
  • DPS
  • To buy a vehicle 
  • Others necessary

What are the necessary documents you need to collect?

You will require the following necessary documents or information during fill-up of the application form:

  1. Passport size photograph of the assessee (soft copy if you apply electronically)
  2. Name and TIN of the:
  3. Business (in the case of a sole proprietorship)
  4. Partners (in case of a firm)
  5. Sponsor Directors (in case of a company)
  6. Incorporation no/registration no (wherever applicable)
  7. Incorporation/registration date (wherever applicable)
  8. Postcode of the current address
  9. Postcode of permanent address
  10. National ID/Passport number
What information will contain in your TIN?

Your TIN certificate will contain the following information:

  1. TIN
  2. Name
  3. Father’s Name (for the individual)
  4. Mother’s Name (for the individual)
  5. Present address
  6. Permanent address
  7. Name of the business/employer (if applicable)
  8. Registered office address (for company & others)
  9. Previous (10 digits) TIN (if any)
  10. Status

Anyone can collect the Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) Registration / Re-registration 

•  If you are an individual or other company taxpayers, 12-digit TIN, and National ID or Passport No.

•  If you are company taxpayer, 12-digit TIN, and Incorporation No.

•  Phone number (auto load and Taxpayer can change)

•  Active email address (auto load and Taxpayer can change)

•  Required attachment documents when register account online (Total size of uploaded documents should not exceed 1 Mb):

1. Scan version of the TIN Certificate.

2. Scan version of National ID/Incorporation Certificate/Passport.

3. Scan of Filled up Online Account Registration Application form.

4. Recent Passport-sized photograph (If you are individual or other company taxpayers).

 e tin certificate registration

To know the detailed procedure you can watch the video and collect your e-tin number easily only in 5 minutes-

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