how to collect e tin certificate from online in BD (only 5 minutes)

What is e tin certificate?

 e TIN certificate means an electronic tax identification number. In Bangladesh, you have to pay text on the basis of your yearly income. Every year the government selects a range of income and if anyone except for that specific income amount then he or she has to pay income tax.

As part of the plan to digitize everything, the old Tin Certificate has been updated to the E-Tin Certificate. All must take the mandatory e-tin certificate. So why late? Find out how to get this certificate at your own convenience. Get an online e tin certificate without any suffering.

 Now it is very easy to pay your income tax online. For that, you should have to register online. 

What is Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) serves as a unique identifier in the realm of taxation, with its electronic counterpart known as the Electronic Tax Identification Number (e-TIN). In Bangladesh, the exclusive provider of TIN is the National Board of Revenue (NBR). Prospective applicants seeking a TIN can opt for either a manual or electronic application process facilitated by the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Taxation stands as the primary revenue source for any government. In alignment with the current government’s commitment to digitalizing the nation, the Electronic Tax Identification Number (E-TIN) has been introduced to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the tax collection process. In this context, the Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) Certificate holds paramount importance for individuals and companies operating in Bangladesh.

According to the Income Tax Ordinance of 1984, under Section 124A, individuals who, without reasonable cause, utilize another person’s TIN or employ a fraudulent TIN during the submission of income returns may face penalties of up to BDT 20,000 as imposed by the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes (DCT).

Under Section 124AA, individuals who, without reasonable cause, fail to verify the authenticity of a twelve-digit Tax Identification Number (TIN) may incur penalties of up to BDT 50,000. The imposition of penalties is executed by the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes (DCT) or any other income tax authority duly authorized by the Board for this specific purpose.

Why do you need e tin certificate?

There are many reasons why you need e tin certificate in Bangladesh. One of the main is to prove that you are giving income tax properly.  Hence, you must have an authentic e tin certificate for this purpose. You need to give a copy of t e tin certificate in case you got it from tax authority authorities.  It will be good to provide information on your monthly or annual income information so that a proper fine is levied against you which will not make any future issues on accountability and transparency.

Moreover, TIN Certificate is mandatory in order to continue any business operations.TIN Certificate is not mandatory in order to start any business operations. It is only mandatory once the business has been operational for a certain period of time. You need the TIN Certificate for the following works-

What are the necessary documents you need to collect?

You will require the following necessary documents or information during fill-up of the application form:

  1. Passport size photograph of the assessee (soft copy if you apply electronically)
  2. Name and TIN of the:
  3. Business (in the case of a sole proprietorship)
  4. Partners (in case of a firm)
  5. Sponsor Directors (in case of a company)
  6. Incorporation no/registration no (wherever applicable)
  7. Incorporation/registration date (wherever applicable)
  8. Postcode of the current address
  9. Postcode of permanent address
  10. National ID/Passport number
What information will contain in your TIN?
What information will be contained in your TIN?

Your TIN certificate will contain the following information:

  1. TIN
  2. Name
  3. Father’s Name (for the individual)
  4. Mother’s Name (for the individual)
  5. Present address
  6. Permanent address
  7. Name of the business/employer (if applicable)
  8. Registered office address (for company & others)
  9. Previous (10 digits) TIN (if any)
  10. Status

How to get a TIN certificate

We’ll explain the process of getting a Bangladeshi TIN Certificate and the document requirements in this guideline.

For any government, taxation is the major source of income. As a result, the government issues a Tax Identification Number, also known as TIN. TIN is given to an individual or business to monitor tax payments. The sole authority in Bangladesh that can provide a TIN Certificate to an applicant is the National Board of Revenue (NBR). In Bangladesh, one may get a TIN Certificate by applying to the NBR, which is either manually or digitally generated. Anyone can collect the Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)  through Registration / Re-registration to the NBR website.

•  If you are an individual or other company taxpayer, 12-digit TIN, and National ID or Passport No.

•  If you are a company taxpayer, 12-digit TIN, and Incorporation No.

•  Phone number (auto load and Taxpayer can change)

•  Active email address (auto load and Taxpayer can change)

•  Required attachment documents when registering an account online (Total size of uploaded documents should not exceed 1 Mb):

1. Scan the version of the TIN Certificate.

2. Scan the version of the National ID/Incorporation Certificate/Passport.

3. Scan of Filled Online Account Registration Application form.

4. Recent Passport-sized photograph (If you are an individual or other company taxpayer).

 e tin certificate registration

If you’re looking for an easy way to collect your e-tin certificate online in Bangladesh, you’ll want to check out the following video! It outlines the step-by-step process of collecting your e-tin certificate online in BD. From there, all you have to do is follow the instructions carefully to ensure a smooth and successful collection process. let’s start to watch the video and collect your e-tin number easily only in 5 minutes. Thanks for reading!


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