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50 Small Business Ideas You Can Start online Under $100

I am going to give you 10+ small business ideas and online business tips today. I’m going to be giving you tons of different small business ideas. I know how it feels to be a beginner and not really know where to start or what to do.  if you are someone that you don’t think you are creative you can get ideas from here.

Probably wondering where you can get supplies for your online store? I actually flew out to Texas just to attend an event that featured US suppliers. I was expecting to find unique handmade products or items sourced from the US. However, the reality was quite different. Most of the products at this in-person event were predominantly from China, brought to the United States for profit by small business owners here. As a small business owner, why would you not want to seek genuine, locally sourced products?

China is perfect for exploring and finding custom products and anything your small business might need. There’s currently a Canton Fair happening in China, featuring a vast event across the Made in China platform. While this site might initially appear overwhelming, it’s actually very simple and straightforward. If you have any questions about the products or wish to place an order, you can directly contact the supplier via messaging. Should you find a product you like and want to learn more about, simply click the ‘Contact Supplier’ button. You can place the order through the supplier, enabling you to ask questions, and get samples, and they’re all readily available for you. Generally, the suppliers are on Made in China.

Responding really fast, it’s very simple to get a hold of them, and the communication is always very easy. Searching through products is effortless with Made in China due to their extensive categories. All you need to do is input keywords related to what you’re selling, and numerous results matching your search will appear, allowing you to find precisely what you’re looking for on this platform. I particularly appreciate that they feature many videos showcasing different products. Viewing the products in videos, not just in photos, is incredibly helpful to me when searching for items to sell. Now that we know where to find our business supplies, let me share some small business ideas.

Most successful small business ideas

One suggestion is to create holiday bundles. One of my first viral products was a holiday bundle. Surprisingly, I found cute accessories and products at my local Dollar Tree and combined them with higher-quality items purchased online in bulk to create these bundles. You could assemble a holiday bundle similar to this for around $6 to $7 and sell them for $30 to $40, depending on your marketing strategies.

Another idea is to set up an online store selling digital products such as calendars or planners. I’ve seen people selling journals, and since it’s a digital product, it eases your workload as you don’t have to handle shipping. You simply need to showcase yourself using the digital product, perhaps using an iPad or phone, in order to market it on social media and drive sales.

The next business idea is jewelry. You can either source wholesale jewelry online or craft the jewelry yourself.

Another idea is handmade bath bombs and scents. I’ve noticed many handmade bath bombs on TikTok that go viral. This leads me to the next business idea: a handmade candle business. There are numerous charming customization options with candles. I personally prefer supporting small businesses for candles, and I know many others do too.

Another delightful small business idea is creating crochet items. I’ve seen numerous adorable shops like this on Instagram and TikTok. Of course, it’s a skill that needs to be learned, but not only is it relaxing, it’s also incredibly cute and potentially very profitable. Furthermore, generating content is easier as you can demonstrate the process of crocheting, enabling you to increase the product’s value.

Another Small business idea involves purchasing cups from Dollar Tree and adding custom designs. However, this requires research to ensure the paints used won’t wash off. I received a beautifully customized cup from a small business, showcasing the creativity involved. There’s a learning curve with these ideas, but they have significant potential for profit. If you’re an artist, you can design and sell your prints. Even if you’re not an artist but have graphic design skills, creating things like quotes or decorative items using tools like Canva for digital prints is another viable small business idea. Handmade soaps are another option I’ve seen many people exploring.

Another small business idea is handmade soaps. I’ve seen a lot of people creating their own soaps and marketing them on TikTok and Instagram. There’s also so much potential with this. Another really cool handmade item that you can produce is something you can eventually get into actual local shops in your area, too. Since it’s a handmade product, it’s definitely something that has a lot of potential.

The next idea is to start a Drop Shipping business. This is a great business idea if you are someone starting off with no money and you don’t want to hold inventory right away. I do have free courses on my YouTube Channel all about Drop Shipping. I show you how you can even start with no money. Definitely check out those free courses if you’re interested in this business model.

The next business idea is starting a clothing line. Now, you can do this in two different ways. You can either start a print-on-demand store and begin with no money, or you can order your own inventory and customize your own clothing, finding suppliers and actually holding the inventory yourself. I do have a free course all about Print on Demand on my YouTube channel, so definitely check that one out if you’re interested in learning more about this online business model.

Another business idea is handmade scrunchies. I’ve also seen people making cute headbands and different silk products. Another idea kind of spins off my holiday bundle idea, which is personalized gift boxes. In order to do this, I would order lots of different shipping boxes in bulk, have a cute arrangement of products that you can mix in and out, different colors, or different themes depending on what they want, and then be able to write or just print on on the top of the box.

When the flap opens, a custom message. You can charge anywhere between $40 to $60. I’ve even seen these personalized boxes for over $100, depending on what’s in them and how you market them. People are paying you just for putting the box together, and none of those products have to necessarily be handmade. So, you’re saving lots of time this way. You just have to have ideas of what exactly you want to showcase in these boxes. But, of course, here are some ideas of different cool boxes that I saw businesses selling online.

Another awesome idea is custom-painted tote bags. You can actually purchase stencils and paint over these stencils in order for your paint to go onto the tote bag, so you don’t have to come up with these paintings from the top of your head. I see people with tote bags all the time, and I thought this was another really adorable idea.

Another cool idea is hand-painted mirrors. If you go to your local Dollar General or Dollar Tree, there are tons of mirrors, just boring old small little mirrors that you can then take and create cool designs on and sell.

Another small business idea is creating your own lip gloss. It’s actually very easy to create your own lip gloss. It only requires a few ingredients. You can make tons of content centered around how you’re making the lip gloss. I’ve seen lots of successful lip gloss businesses across TikTok and Instagram. You can also bundle those lip glosses. Anything that I’m talking about in this video, you can really bundle as well. The possibilities are endless.

Another small business idea is a thrifting store. I have seen people going to Goodwill or just very cheap thrift stores, purchasing items there that they know have a higher value, and then selling them in their own high-end thrift store. So basically, you are the person finding the stuff and then reselling it in your own thrift store.

Having a small business inventory-based e-commerce store online can definitely open a lot of doors for marketing since you are going to really be able to build a community around your business.

Most successful small business ideas in the world

Innovation is the key to standing out in the business landscape today. We present to you innovative small business ideas that are poised to revolutionize industries.

1. Personalized skin care analysis: Cutting-edge algorithms analyze your unique skin composition and recommend customized products, helping you achieve that healthy glow.

2. Drone delivery services in nearby areas: Leave traffic behind and embrace the future of delivery with drone delivery services.
Urban farming solutions: Transforming unused urban spaces into flourishing farms. Urban farming solutions use vertical gardens and hydroponics to grow fresh produce locally.

3. Interactive learning apps: Learning becomes engaging and immersive with interactive learning apps. Through augmented reality and gamification, children and adults alike can explore educational content in a fun and interactive way.

4. Personal AI stylists: Bid farewell to fashion dilemmas with personal AI stylists powered by artificial intelligence. These virtual fashion assistants create personalized outfits based on your preferences and body type, revolutionizing the way we shop.

5. Smart home automation for seniors: Empower seniors to live independently with smart home automation. Voice-activated systems and sensors help manage daily tasks, monitor health vitals, and provide emergency assistance, enhancing safety and peace of mind.

6. Sustainable packaging solutions combating the plastic crisis: Sustainable packing solutions offer eco-friendly alternatives.

7. Personalized nutrition plans: Take control of your health with personalized nutrition plans. Utilizing advanced algorithms and DNA analysis, these services offer tailored meal recommendations to support individual health goals.

8. Virtual reality travel experiences: Travel the world without leaving your living room with virtual reality travel experiences. Using VR technology, you can explore breathtaking destinations and immerse yourself in new cultures, making travel accessible to everyone.

9. AI-powered language learning: Break down language barriers with AI-powered language learning platforms.

10. On-demand tech support: Say goodbye to tech frustrations with on-demand tech support. Remote technicians provide instant assistance, guiding you through technical glitches and troubleshooting issues, ensuring smooth digital experiences.

11. Personalized pet care services: Pamper your furry friends with personalized pet care services. From specialized diets to tailored exercise programs, these businesses provide customized care for pets, promoting their health and well-being.

12. Eco-friendly cleaning products: Embrace sustainability in your cleaning routine with eco-friendly cleaning products.

13. AI-powered financial advisors: Make smarter financial decisions with AI-powered financial advisors.

14. Mobile app for personal safety: Enhance personal safety with mobile apps designed for emergency situations.

15. 3D printing services: Unlock the world of limitless possibilities with 3D printing services.

16. Remote health monitoring: Transform healthcare with remote health monitoring.

17. Smart energy management systems: These integrated solutions monitor energy consumption, optimize usage, and suggest energy-saving measures, reducing costs and promoting a greener future.

18. AI-powered personal assistance: Meet the future of productivity with AI-powered personal assistance.

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